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Taking brand immersion to unprecedented levels, virtual reality (VR) technology emerges as a potent tool for captivating audiences. In the realm of VR, the ability to curate both visual and auditory experiences empowers brands to deliver exciting, engaging, and unforgettable encounters. VR headsets, with their advanced capabilities, transcend conventional presentations by offering unparalleled levels of realism and interaction. This versatility makes VR an ideal choice for leaving a lasting impression at meetings, shows, and events, as well as for creating impactful onboarding and training tools.

The dynamism of VR lies in its seamless transition between real-world scenarios and fantastical landscapes, fostering a dynamic and memorable user experience. VR headsets go beyond passive engagement, providing users with the agency to actively interact with content, creating a personalised journey. This heightened level of engagement proves instrumental in shaping impactful brand narratives, whether through immersive product showcases, compelling storytelling, or effective training modules. By harnessing the immersive power of VR, brands not only captivate their audience but also forge a strong emotional connection, ensuring a lasting impact.

In practical terms, the adaptability of VR extends its influence across diverse contexts. From transforming meetings and events into memorable experiences to revolutionising onboarding and training processes, VR’s immersive nature enhances user engagement and knowledge retention. Brands leveraging VR technology are well-positioned to stand out, fostering deeper connections with their audience and reshaping the landscape of experiential marketing and learning.

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Benefits of Virtual Reality (VR):

  • Immerse users in a virtual reality for an unparalleled experience.
  • Heighten engagement by transporting users to personalised virtual environments.
  • Craft immersive narratives through fully immersive virtual reality storytelling.
  • Showcase products in a virtual realm, allowing users to interact.
  • Transform virtual tours into entirely immersive and interactive virtual reality.
  • Demonstrate products in an immersive 3D virtual reality environment.
  • Drive interaction with marketing campaigns in fully immersive virtual reality.
  • Showcase commitment to innovation by embracing cutting-edge technologies.
  • Enhance social media presence through captivating virtual reality content.
  • Bring events to life with fully immersive and interactive virtual reality experiences.
  • Solidify brand recall through memorable and interactive virtual reality content.
  • Utilise analytics for insights, refining strategies based on virtual reality interactions.

Sound good? Did you know you can also get even more value from Virtual Reality (VR). How? By upgrading a traditional desktop virtual tour to a VR version, taking the experience to next gen level.

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Did you know? Virtual Experiences can attract up to 8 times more users, engage audiences for 2.5 times longer, and increase conversions by 64%.


What our clients say

The VR experience has proved an inspiring ‘North Star’ for the direction of KFC’s brand experience, and the significant level of trust we all placed in Circus’ hands, proved well and truly deserved.”


“It’s been absolutely amazing working with you – what we’ve been able to achieve is so revolutionary for Goldman Sachs!”

Goldman Sachs

“Circus developed the exhibition space, suggested content that we should create to enhance the experience of attendees, and delivered the final product on the date we asked. Our client is extremely pleased with the outcome.”

Porter Novelli (XLH) 

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