VR Dramatisation

Cyber security specialists, F-Secure, wanted to make an impact with prospective clients. So in collaboration with their agency Social Tree Global, we produced a realistic fly-on-the-wall-style dramatisation of a cyber attack in the workplace. In virtual reality.

Fsecure cyber security vr dramatisation

We used a specialist VR180 camera, to give the experience higher image quality and stereoscopic depth for extra immersion. As well as incorporating scriptwriting, talent, spatial audio, sound effects and motion graphics.

The experience was loaded on to a fleet of VR headsets via a custom app which allows for remote updating in future. Giving the brand a completely new and highly innovative channel through which to start conversations.

Fsecure vr dramatisation

The virtual experience gave the brand a new way to engage with their high-value audience.

“The team are super hard working and responsive. Fantastic communication. Their level of knowledge and expertise around VR was incredible — I learned so much and a true pleasure to work with. Couldn’t fault them in any way.”