Booking Terms

● To confirm your booking you’ll need to pay 50% of the project value as a non-refundable deposit, so that we can reserve dates and start pre-production work.
● The 50% balance will be due on completion of shooting, unless otherwise agreed.
● If the scope changes, we will produce a balancing invoice or credit note which must be settled before final delivery.
● Project files and rights will only be transferred once we’ve received final payment in full.
● Interest will be charged on late payments at a rate of 3%, calculated pro rata on a daily basis.

● If you need to reschedule or cancel your shoot, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance. Any later and we’ll
have to charge a late-cancellation fee of £250.

● Our quotes and estimates usually exclude out-of-pocket travel and accommodation expenses. So unless they are
explicitly itemised, please allow extra budget to cover these.

Your obligations
● Judging the quality of creative services is subjective by nature. The better your brief, references and feedback the
closer we’ll be able to match your vision.
● To keep your project on-schedule, please give us any materials, feedback and approvals promptly to avoid delaying
final delivery.
● Please make sure your accounts team process payments on time.

Data and confidentiality
● We will treat any data or sensitive information about your business which is acquired in the course of your project as confidential and will return or destroy it on request.

Intellectual property
● Unless otherwise agreed, Circus retains the copyright on all images and creative works, including behind-the-scenes footage taken in the course of the project, and we reserve the right to use them on our website, marketing collateral and social media channels.

● If you’re unhappy with any aspect of our service, please raise your concerns with your Circus contact and we will do our utmost to fix it.

Legal stuff
● In the unlikely event of a legal dispute, the laws and courts of England and Wales will have jurisdiction.
● Any communications or notices may be delivered by email or post.
● Either party can terminate this agreement at any time in writing by email or post, at which point any outstanding payment will be due immediately and any work created will be delivered to you. Indemnities will still apply after termination.
● Neither party will be considered in breach of this agreement as a result of a delay or failure to perform its obligations as a result of causes out of its control.
● Our liability specifically excludes consequential losses and is limited to the total amount paid during the year in which the breach occurs.
● Both parties to these terms indemnifies the other against any losses, damage, liability, costs, legal fees, and expenses which result from action, inaction or breach of obligations.

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