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Luxury Yacht VR Tour

Ocean Independence represents owners of the world’s most luxurious yachts. One such yacht, named ‘Soaring’, was attracting interest from buyers around the world, despite its $100m price tag.

To support their international sales agents, and create an attraction for boat shows, OI wanted a virtual reality experience that would showcase Soaring and its unique features. Giving potential buyers – time-poor high-net worth individuals – the chance to easily explore and decide whether they’d be interested in a real-world viewing.

So, we sent a crew to Monaco to capture immersive visuals and create a Virtual Reality sales brochure.

The project deliverable took the form of a custom VR app, which opens on a stereoscopic 180 degree video recreating the moment of stepping aboard the yacht and meeting its crew. Viewers are then taken to an aerial 360 view, shot from a drone, showing the vessel from above in the context of the stunning bay, and from which they are able to navigate down to view its various features at deck-level.

Each viewpoint was captured in exquisite 12k detail and in stereo, so that it feels 3-dimensional, like you’re actually there. Completing the immersive illusion is a spatial audio soundtrack, while interactive info cards deliver key sales messaging.

We also – as we often like to do – added some hero features to the experience to create those ‘wow’ moments. Such as a day/night toggle on the main deck, allowing you to see the lounge area in its sun-drenched daytime or star-speckled evening configurations.

Both Ocean Independence and their client have been delighted with the results, and are planning more yacht VR tours in the future. Certainly our production crew won’t mind!

Got $100m to spare? Take a look.