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360-degree video technology offers unparalleled realism and immersion by capturing scenes in every direction, allowing viewers to relive moments from the centre of the action, whether on the web or in VR.

This immersive medium transforms the viewing experience, granting users control over their perspective and making them active participants in the narrative. It’s invaluable across various sectors like tourism, real estate, and education, providing dynamic storytelling and impactful training scenarios. Enhanced engagement, improved information retention, and realistic experiences make 360 video a pivotal tool for immersive storytelling and interactive learning.

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Benefits of 360 video:

  • Immerse your audience in a captivating and interactive viewing experience
  • Elevate engagement levels by encouraging active participation with the content
  • Craft compelling narratives that go further, forging stronger emotional connections
  • Display physical products or spaces dynamically, allowing greater exploration 
  • Transform static Virtual Tours into dynamic and engaging experiences
  • Present product demonstrations that showcase features/benefits in real-life scenarios
  • Drive interaction and conversion with clickable hotspots within 360 video
  • Stand out from the crowd by showcasing a commitment to innovation
  • Harness the shareability of social media platforms by featuring 360-degree videos
  • Bring virtual experiences to life, providing a sense of presence in the digital realm
  • Boost brand recognition through memorable and interactive video content
  • Utilise user analytics to refine future strategies and content creation

Sound good? Did you know you can also get even more value from a 360 video. How? By adding your 360 video to a virtual tour, taking the experience to next gen level.

What our clients say

“The team are super hard working and responsive. Their level of knowledge and expertise around VR was incredible. I couldn’t fault them in anyway. The project has so far generated some fantastic leads for our sales team.”


“It’s been absolutely amazing working with you – what we’ve been able to achieve is so revolutionary for Goldman Sachs!”

Goldman Sachs

“With Circus we created a 360 virtual booth tour. Through the use of hotspots, we were able to add an additional layer of education, featuring imagery and 360 videos of our products. We were extremely happy with the finished result.”


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