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At Circus we deliver award-winning virtual experiences for clients around the world. Helping them tell brand stories, engage global audiences, sell remotely, train and educate, recruit top talent, translate physical locations online and amplify launches and events.

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Our 5-star creative services come highly recommended by clients around the world. Not only because of their innovation and creative flair but because our projects also demonstrate a high level of technical expertise and use the latest virtual tech.

Our capabilities span virtual tours, 360 video, 3D modelling and animation, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and virtual worlds, and we tailor each project so no two are the same.

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Virtual Tours 

Reach a wider audience who can visit 24/7 from anywhere in the world – navigating through immersive 360 images and interacting with information hotspots. Even improving on the real-world experience with access to rich media content, downloadable resources, calls-to-action, multiple languages or a personal virtual guide.

360 Video 

Ultimate realism and immersion. Capturing everything in every direction to relive the moment anytime anywhere, on the web or in VR. Unlike flat video the viewer is in the centre of the action – sometimes even in control of it. Perfect for transporting audiences and delivering dynamic experiences or memorable training scenarios.

Interactive 3D 

Bring your imagination to life and go beyond what’s possible in the real world with fantasy environments and game-like content. Holding people’s attention for longer and delivering a memorable and enjoyable experience which fully embodies your brand and tells your story. All in a way that’s expandable, updateable and trackable.

Virtual Reality (VR) 

The ultimate for immersing people in your brand. Control everything they see and hear to deliver an experience that’s exciting, engaging and memorable. Whether showing real-world footage or fantasy scenarios, today’s VR headsets offer unprecedented levels of realism and interaction. Perfect for making an impact at meetings, shows and events, or creating effective onboarding and training tools.

Augmented Reality (AR) 

By overlaying 3D animations onto the real world, it’s possible to create experiences that are entertaining and informative. All using only the technology already in people’s pockets. Augmented reality can bring printed materials and packaging to life, embellish physical environments or encourage game-like interactions. All of which are scaleable, shareable and trackable.

Virtual Worlds 

Virtual technology allows us to build entire worlds which can be explored online or in virtual reality. They are usually extensive built-to-order 3D environments, complete with different zones for different purposes and packed with rich media content to consume. In many of these ‘metaverses’, users join as avatars and are able to see and interact with others for a shared virtual experience.

Oriel College drone 360
XLH Virtual Exhibition
Ocean Independence VR experience

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Our approach

Great content starts with clear ideas. Our unique CAROUSEL® methodology means we can consistently deliver fantastic experiences. We first CONCEIVE the right solution for your objectives, CAPTURE top quality visuals to tell the story and CREATE a bespoke experience which inspires your audience to act.

Carousel methodology split


During this initial stage the Circus creative team will work with you to understand your ideas and objectives in detail. Then develop a clear shared vision of how your story is to be told and the user experience. 

  • Kick-off workshop
  • Discovery and scoping
  • Concept development
  • Moodboarding and storyboarding
  • Define metrics for success


This is when production begins. Our experienced technical team will conduct any on-location shooting, create visual assets and record audio – all to exacting standards. Plus gather brand assets and any existing content.

  • Pre-production planning
  • On-location or studio shooting
  • 3D and digital asset design
  • Audio, voice over, music and SFX


Where our development team brings it all together. Through a series of review points and drafts, you’ll have complete visibility of how your experience is evolving, with multiple chances to feed back. Finally, we’ll help you with launch, be it on the web, in VR or at an event. 

  • UI/UX design
  • Development – prototype to full build-out
  • Testing and review
  • Delivery and handover support
  • Success metrics report