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Virtual TradeShow Stand

With the big international trade shows cancelled because of COVID, global craft brand Ellison decided to host their own virtual tradeshow stand. We captured their physical stand using high-resolution 17K 360 photographs, and then used cutting edge techniques to seamlessly stitch-in video presenters, recreating the experience of visiting in real life. the virtual exhibition was revolutionary for their field and was designed to wow audiences, new and old.

Ellison Virtual Tradeshow Stand

We developed a custom UI with a reactive tab menu system, an interactive 3D map and animated 3D navigation spots. Then populated each scene with carousel and video hotspots to allow visitors to explore products and be inspired by the brand’s in-house designers. Finally analytics tracking ensured that visitor data could be captured and used to inform follow-on marketing campaigns.

The virtual event was promoted via social media and web pages, and attracted attention from around the world. Audiences were able to engage with the virtual tradeshow stand without needing to leave their home or pay for travel. It was an effective model that reflected best interests for the customer and the brand.

The execution of the experience was second to none and the results were pristine. Customers enjoyed walking through the virtual tradeshow stand and had great things to say on social media platforms.

Ellison virtual tradeshow stand

The virtual launch was a great success!

Ellison Virtual TradeShow Stand
Ellison virtual trade show stand

“We were extremely happy with the finished result. The team were really knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating in supporting us getting our desired finish! Allowing users immerse themselves in our 360° booth tour has been nothing short of fantastic and has supported our objective of bringing to life our traditional exhibition in a virtual world.”


CIRCUS’s Creative Director, Jay says: “The shift to virtual tradeshows brings substantial cost reductions, eliminating expenses related to travel, accommodation, booth setups, and shipping of marketing materials. Moreover, the scalability of virtual events allows sales teams to expand their reach exponentially, connecting with a larger and more diverse audience.”

Have you considered a virtual tradeshow? Speak with our team to find out more.