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WW1: A Virtual History Lesson

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele the Royal British Legion commissioned a suite of interactive educational experiences.

VR for military Royal British Legion

The project included several elements, including shooting a 360 video documentary on-location at the battlefield with presenter Dan Snow, enhanced with archive images and animations to recreate the ambience of the time.

For desktop users we created an interactive aerial tour of the Tyne Cot cemetery by drone, with clickable hotspots to learn about the lives and careers of the soldiers buried there.

For VR headset users we combined dramatic readings of real soldiers’ letters, with wraparound 3D animation to tell immersive stories from the front line.

Royal British Legion Virtual History Lesson
Royal British Legion Virtual History Lesson WW1
Royal British Legion Dan Snow Virtual Lesson

Telling immersive stories from the front line

Royal British Legion virtual experience WW1

“Looks great, we love it! You guys have been fantastic on this project, thank you!”

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