7 reasons why a virtual tour is better than a brochure

A 360 virtual tour (VT) is the brochure that never fades, gets lost or thrown out, nor needs to be filed or re-ordered.  Even people who do have your brochure are more likely to use Google than root around looking for it.

Here are 7 reasons why a 360 virtual tour is better than a brochure:

1) Accessible 24/7 on every tablet, phone or laptop
It is the best marketing tool you can have to show off your venue or hotel! For venues it gives potential hirers the chance to visit and explore from anywhere in the world. Hotels can dress the spaces and allow their guests to actually preview how the room feels.

2) No more carrying or transporting heavy brochures to trade shows
A digital brochure removes the need for transporting boxes of printed collateral to the exhibition. All you need is a tablet and VR goggles (if you want them). The perception from the visitor to these stands are that the hotel is cutting edge, high-tech, innovative, fun and cares about the environment.

3) Longevity
A custom virtual tour lasts forever or until you take it down. So after an initial investment, you benefit for years. How many people have kept a corporate brochure for that long?

4) Saves Space and Filing
Historically offices had libraries of brochures and even paid someone to do the filing. However, in the internet age where workspaces have become smaller and libraries and filing clerks role obsolete, more and more hotels and venues are recognising the importance of investing their marketing budget online.  

5) Saves Money
Having a VT probably costs a lot less than you spent on brochures last year! It reduces the costs associated with exhibiting as everything is readily available for the potential hirer online whether they’re on-stand or at-home.

6) Saves Environment and Paper
Let’s save the environment and planet. With more hotels and venues reducing their plastic and water usage, let’s reduce our paper too. No more rubbish bins full of discarded brochures!

7) Google performance
One thing printed collateral won’t do for you is contribute to your online rankings and traffic. Whereas stats show that users who view a virtual tour are twice as likely to make a booking. Having a VT even improves your website’s SEO performance, because interactive content drives up dwell time on-page.

Why us?
As well as our experience in creating customised 360 tours for some of the world’s leading hotels, venues and attractions.  We also listen to you and your brand and come up with creative ideas to capture your spaces your brand and your customer experience..

So lets save money and space as well as the environment. Let’s show our commitment to caring for our planet, have fun with VR, save money and attract visitors online 24-7 as well as helping SEO. 

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