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Metaverse Exhibition Centre

Global agriculture brand, Syngenta, wanted a way to launch new products to a global audience in a live shared online 3D environment. New metaverse techniques offered the perfect solution.

We designed a fantasy 3D exhibition centre, complete with Auditorium for presentations, a series of exhibition spaces and a Cafe for breakouts.

Each room contains animated 3D sculptures and its own lighting scheme, and centres around a panoramic cinema-style screen, onto which content can be added via a Content Management System. Which means the Exhibition Centre can be updated and re-hung indefinitely and to support future launches. It can also be explored via hosted events or a self-serve mode for returning visitors.

Under the hood, a Zoom integration enabled hundreds of guests to join simultaneously and be guided around by hosts and expert, speakers, as well as being able to interact via chat and to network in the Cafe. All while a click-sync system ensured that all users got a smooth guided experience without the usual loss of quality from screen sharing.

Syngenta virtual world metaverse

Did you know: The average time spent on our virtual experience pages is x2.3 times longer than on regular web pages

Perfect for brands looking to train employees or customers
Syngenta metaverse virtual exhibition centre
Syngenta Metaverse Virtual Exhibition Centre
Syngenta Metaverse Virtual Exhibition Centre from above
Syngenta Metaverse Virtual Exhibition Centre menu