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Virtual Product Showroom

Luxury cosmetics brand SpaceNK were launching a new range of products in collaboration with Japanese partners Tatcha. The physical pop-up showroom in London’s Covent Garden would only exist for a few days, so the brands wanted to leverage their investment and grow their audience by creating a digital twin. This virtual showroom would support the launch by attracting attention in the campaign surrounding the event, giving users from other countries the chance to visit, and allow the pop-up to drive traffic even after its physical construction was taken down.

space nk and tatcha virtual tour pop up

With a tight turnaround timeline, we shot a series of high-resolution 360 photos and constructed a custom virtual showroom experience, using the styles and graphic assets of the brand partnership. Making the digital showroom just as unique and special as the real one. It was then embellished with interactive features, including a guided meditation room and origami-making activity.

space bn and tatcha virtual tour
space nk and tatcha virtual tour

Both brands are delighted with the outcome, which is getting hundreds of daily views.

“We’re really pleased and the quality is excellent. It was really helpful to see an early prototype and everything got done despite the tight timeline.”



Did you know? According to Forbytes ‘70% of online shoppers who have visited virtual stores made at least one purchase’ and a new study reveals that ‘of those who had previously shopped online in a virtual store, 60% indicated that they are likely to do so again, including 54% of Gen Z’ers, 68% of millennials and 67% of Gen X’ers.’

Our work on this particular virtual store has helped demonstrate the innovation from SpaceNK and Tatcha, and enhanced the shopping experience for customers around the world.

CIRCUS Creative Director, Jay says ‘Virtual stores are redefining shopping – merging convenience with immersive experiences. Their growth is pivotal, shaping the future of retail with accessibility and personalised interaction.’

The virtual shopping space is growing, watch this space.