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Virtual Recruitment Process

O2’s Head Office location in Slough has sometimes been a barrier to attracting applicants. As a way to grow the audience and overcome the distance barrier, we created an extensive Google Street View virtual tour. It showcases the building’s stylish architecture and funky features – from the grand entrance and buzzing cafe to the modern workspaces and creative meeting rooms.

o2 gym virtual tour recruitment
O2 coffee shop virtual recruitment tour

To make the tour even more informative and engaging, we added an overlay with navigation quick-links for speedy exploration and information hotspots to guide users as they go.

And to leverage the 360 content and grow the audience even further, we converted the tour’s highlights into a 360 video slideshow for publication to YouTube, complete with music track and custom graphics.

The virtual recruitment piece was well-received, and used across the HR recruiting process

“Great stuff! Thank you so much!”