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VR Course Finder

With so many courses on offer, Cambridge Regional College needed to stand out at student fairs and quickly impress with engaging content.

We created a VR course finder wherein users could see – in a single screen – the complete menu of courses and then get a taste of the ones they were interested in. Animated graphics supported messaging and a branded interface made it ‘feel’ like a CAMRE product.

cambridge regional college vr course finder

Some courses were represented using high resolution 360 photographs brought to life using models and voiceovers, others were captured as 360 videos for a fully-immersive teaser.

Following their 360 experience, student visitors were invited to share their contacts or enrol for college courses, allowing CAMRE to capitalise on the excitement generated with tangible conversions.

This innovative and engaging content resulted in higher application numbers, while the transparency it offered also increased applicant quality.

We can recommend a VR course finder for any future student recruitment events, they’re good fun.

The experience had 1000’s of views in the first day!