Graduate recruitment tool

Global bank Barclays aims to attract the best graduate talent.

To do so, they needed a set of tools to give prospective recruits a preview of what it might be like to work there.

In collaboration with Stafford Long, we captured 360 photos and 360 video content and used them to build a pair of interactive experiences.

One is an interactive virtual tour with rich media, information hotspots and stitched-in presenters – real recruits who ‘come to life’ and tell their story on-click.

The other is a VR experience for use in the field at student careers fairs. Stand visitors are able to choose from 8 possible career pathways and then get an immersive 360 video taster of that department, accompanied by custom voiceover and motion graphics. To add extra ‘wow factor’ there’s a 3D light-writing intro animation, and to drive engagement they can choose to also view flat videos which are projected into the VR environment.

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