Virtual Tours

virtual tours are shaping the future of business

Ideal for all sectors, indoors or outdoors, large or small, private or public, for internal use or for customers, passive or interactive, to highlight locations or walk customers through a journey – virtual tours are the most versatile content on the market, and are becoming a staple for every day business use.

They are instrumental when building brand awareness and increasing audience engagement, and there are very few brand left without one.

As a leading virtual reality agency in London, we redefine brand engagement through cutting-edge VR 360 experiences and 360-degree tours. Our versatile VR solutions seamlessly showcase and elevate brands with captivating virtual reality tours that leave a lasting impression on all audiences.

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Ocean independence virtual experience
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What can virtual tours do for your business?

Virtual tours are revolutionising businesses. Here are some well proven changes businesses have already noticed in recent years:

  1. Virtual tours allow businesses to showcase their products or services in an immersive and interactive way, which can help to increase engagement and interest from potential customers.
  2. They provide a cost-effective and efficient way to reach a wider audience, eliminating the need for physical travel and enabling people from all over the world to experience the business.
  3. Virtually based tours can enhance the customer experience by providing a more personalised and tailored experience, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  4. They can increase sales and revenue by providing a more engaging and memorable way for customers to interact with the business, which can lead to higher conversion rates and repeat business.
  5. Tours can improve the reputation and credibility of the business by demonstrating transparency and providing a more comprehensive understanding of the business and its offerings.
  6. They can be used as a competitive advantage, setting the business apart from competitors by offering a unique and innovative way to engage with customers.
  7. Tours using virtual tech can save businesses time and resources by reducing the need for physical tours or presentations, enabling staff to focus on other important tasks.
  8. They can be easily integrated into a business’s website or social media channels, making it more accessible and convenient for customers to access the tour.
  9. Virtual tours can also have a positive impact on the environment by reducing the need for physical travel, which can help to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable business practices.
  10. They provide a COVID-safe alternative to physical tours or events, enabling businesses to continue to operate and engage with customers during the pandemic.
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LUSH virtual shop tour
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What type of virtual tour do you need?

When investigating tours with virtual technology, it’s worth noting the following categories and standards. This will help give you a guide as to scale and cost when speaking with virtual content creators like us. Read on to find out more.

Virtual Tour ‘Categories’

Virtually based tours tend to fit into three categories:

  1. 360 Photo Tours
  2. 360 Video Tours
  3. Custom Tours

And of these categories, there are varying standards.

Virtual Tour  ‘Standards’

There are three standards to be aware of. These can have an impact on the outcome and price point.

The first standard level is ‘GOOD’.

A good virtual tour might:

  • Provide static imagery of a location 
  • Offer a toolbar for guidance 
  • Contain background audio 
  • Walk users from room to room 

The next level is ‘GREAT’.  A great virtual tour could offer: 

  • Branded content within the tour 
  • Easy and clear navigation 
  • 360 and aerial video, in addition to 360 photographs 
  • Talking guides that show you around
  • Interactive touch points
  • Day/Night toggles 
  • Options to change language 
  • Detailed audio for separate parts of the tour 
  • Call to action points that help direct users once the tour has ended 
  • High quality resolutions

And then there’s ‘NEXT GENERATION’ virtual tours. A whole excited new version yet to be unleashed. Get in touch to find out more.

Virtual Tour Examples

Take a look at our latest virtual tours, each with their own unique twist.

These examples are just some of the virtual tours we can build, but there are plenty of others too. Take a look here.

If you’re keen to find out more, drop our friendly team and message here. We’d love to hear from you.