What can CIRCUS offer that no one else can?

At a time when customer demands are changing and society is shifting, businesses are turning to digital innovation and companies like Circus for help. Looking for new ideas to increase customer engagement and help maintain their competitive edge.

And they’re right too. Innovation through the likes of virtual services is exactly the level of development screen-focused, housebound customers are looking for.

As a result of this change, we are also seeing growth in digital services being offered and watching the virtual market become saturated with service providers.

So what makes Circus so different from the rest?

As experts in Virtual Brand Experiences, Circus offer transformative digital media across an an extensive portfolio of household brands. With outstanding customer reviews, a highly skilled team, and a multi-award-winning status, we believe we’re one of the best virtual brand experience providers around.

We offer bespoke approaches to Virtual Tours, Virtual Open Days, Virtual Sales Tools, Virtual Training, Virtual Recruitment and Virtual Tourism, each guided through Circus’s own developed methodology while using a range of technological capabilities.

We also have something else that others don’t have. A carefully selected team of world-class photographers.

Our creative photographers have worked with the likes of Disney, L’Oreal, Nissan, Unilever and Shell and have over 50 years of collective experience. They’re a team who continue to go above and beyond on every project, and are always looking to develop new ideas and explore latest technologies.

When lockdown began in March 2020, for example, whilst dealing with incoming enquiries our dedicated photographers also spent time sharpening their skills. Something they took upon themselves and made their own.

Take Tom, creative powerhouse and 360 extraordinaire. As the streets of London lay still, he captured some striking 360 panoramic images of London’s best loved places. He later transformed the images into a bespoke virtual tour layout which is simple and effective. Everything was crafted with precision, and in his spare time. Take a look at the end result.

Circus is more than a traditional service provider

It must also be said, at Circus we are so much more than a group of virtual brand experience specialists offering a service. We are a collective of innovative, creative minds who strongly believe in creating the highest quality experiences that not only revolutionise businesses through simple solutions, but look to leave lasting impressions.

The coronavirus pandemic may have created one of the greatest societal shifts of modern times, but thanks to brilliant minds and creative gurus like our unsung photographers and our award-winning team, we were ready and have gone on to help many businesses so far. 

Are you looking for a virtual brand experience? A resource that educates and inspires customers and staff? That will help put your company under the spotlight? Contact us on 020 3764 2794 for more information.

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