Virtual Socialising – Gaming, Apps and Escape Rooms

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the human race are creative and resilient when it comes to (virtual) socialising with friends and family. 

After months of lockdown, further restrictions, further lockdown and more tier guidelines, playing games and meeting up or planning fun activities have been difficult if not impossible to organise. At the beginning it was a difficult pill to swallow, but soon we learnt to overcome the issues and found new ways to mingle.

Cue Virtual Developments

Thanks to innovative thought-leaders in the virtual world, options for virtual socialising became available to the mass market. Whether playing computer games with family, meeting friends in virtual spaces or playing with unknown gamers in larger virtual events, possibilities have increased dramatically since the pandemic began. And although it’s still a relatively new concept for many, it’s an adventurous one with an exciting future ahead! 

Here are just some examples of what virtual games you can play, particularly looking at Escape Rooms and Gaming Apps. 

Escape Rooms:

Gaming Apps

This is only the beginning

Not only are virtual worlds evolving within our private lives, but within our working lives too.

Work Christmas parties in 2020 have just gone virtual in a way like never before. Staff teams have completed wine tasting over zoom, played games or accepted online challenges as part of a way to engage at the end of this topsy-turvy year. 

Then there’s work events that are based on gaming experiences. Where large corporations can bring stakeholders together for business meetings, but still throw in a virtual twist.

In short, the possibilities are endless. We expect we will start to see more gaming options in 2021, at work and at home.

So how about you?

Have you tested the Virtual social world yet? Have you had a go at playing games or meeting online? What do you think of it?

For those who haven’t, we can highly recommend it. There are a lot of fun things to explore, and the examples above are only the start.

Whatever you do over this Christmas break, virtual socialising or not, enjoy! 

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