Blog: Virtual Sales Tools – Now that’s Value!

Traditionally, sales teams around the world spent much of their time travelling – to meetings and events, between meetings and events, and from meetings and events back to home. The costs, which represented a significant slice of revenue, were rarely challenged. But as pandemic restrictions on travel began to bite in 2020, 81% of sales teams began to recognise that they needed to rethink the process. If they couldn’t make sales in person, how were they going to do it? Could Virtual Sales Tools help?

Sales and marketing are core functions of every business, and like all things, can be challenging. But let’s think about the challenges that your potential customer faces. They are being constantly bombarded by emails, social media advertising, printed materials, websites, pitches…the list goes on! Consumers now see more than 5,000 marketing messages every day. The challenge for your Sales teams is to find a way to distinguish itself from everybody else and ensure you are the business that gets the customer’s attention. Is there a way to better engage with potential customers? 

What’s the answer to these questions? 

Virtual Sales Tools are worth its weight in gold to sales and marketing teams because of the way they offer a unique opportunity for engagement. These virtual tools have key strengths, namely making a greater emotional connection with your customers and in delivering an enhanced user experience. If you’re heading up a sales team, you won’t need us to tell you that making a greater emotional connection increases engagement. 

Until fairly recently, advertising was all about showcasing the brilliance of the product or brand. Now it’s changed to addressing the needs of the customer, connecting with them and providing a context for products and services.

As virtual reality provides an experience that is far more real then video or print could ever be, the emotional reaction that comes from it is qualitatively different. Virtual projects have created major impacts in games, documentaries and news reports. So if you are looking to deepen engagement with your brand or product, or generate an emotional connection, Virtual Sales Tools are the way to go. 

VR (Virtual Reality) perks to tempt your team

As well as using Virtual Reality (via headset or desktop) for sales, it’s also a highly efficacious way to train your sales team. Gone are the days of practising your pitch on your peers. Using virtual reality, you can create an interactive training experience. Users can practice their sales pitch in actual scenarios in a way that is completely risk free. Training programs can help with essential selling skills such as maintaining eye contact and practicing body language. This way of training is far more engaging than traditional training, eliminates distractions and can be done from anywhere in the world. It’s also far more realistic than practising with colleagues. Going through different scenarios and speaking out loud, means they will have a higher chance of learning and remembering. Whilst being effective, it also feels like far more fun! A solid win for all involved.

3 Top Benefits of using Virtual Sales Tools 

Selling is not the easiest job in the world. Showcasing products or offerings physically can be awkward, costly, time consuming and ineffective. Customers and clients can have a hard time imagining their specific wants and needs. There’s also a gap between customer expectations and what is actually being sold. Using VR, you can show your products and offerings in a new innovative way. Unlike video, product sheets, brochures and powerpoint, VR tells the whole story. It’s fantastic at helping people understand everything they need to know.

  1. Virtual Sales Tools shortens the sales cycle. If customers are having an immersive VR experience, they convert faster! The travel agent Thomas Cook saw an 80% increase in revenue on New York excursions when it used VR to promote them. Whether by presenting your customers with full-scale digital product representation, or by using VR to promote your offerings, VR can knock days or more off your sales cycle. 
  2. Another benefit of using Virtual Reality in Sales is that it increases customer confidence. Thanks to SuperOffice we know that nearly 50% of consumers are viewing 3 to 5 pieces of content before they engage further with the brand or sales team, and our money is on that figure increasing exponentially in the years to come. You showcasing your product or offering in an interactive way helps you stand out from the crowd, and give customers confidence to continue down the sales cycle.
  3. Virtual Sales Tools can reduce your sales costs. No need to fly your team and products around the globe to meetings and trade shows – everything can be done virtually! Less money out, less admin to be done, less printing costs. 

A word on brand marketing…

Virtual Reality Tools really show their power when it comes to brand marketing. For brand marketing to be effective it has to evoke something surprising, or happiness inducing, or have some kind of emotional resonance. Due to the immersive nature of VR, this can go to the next level! 

Mountain Dew is a drinks brand. So far, so ordinary. They decided to position themselves as different to the run of the mill other drinks brands. They created an experience that really encapsulates the potential for VR marketing, the Dew VR Snow experience, where users can ride along with elite snowboards as they descend a monster mountain run in Utah. This feels true to the brand and makes users feel like they know Mountain Dew better. And it gives the users an incredible brand experience! It generates reasons for people to continue to interact with the brand and their products.

VR keeps you relevant. Doritos gathered a couple of influencers together and created a VR battle. It can be viewed virtually on a kiosk and, of course, it’s on YouTube for all viewers. When human creativity is added to virtual reality, it’s easy for your brand to go viral! 

In the Mountain Dew example, VR is giving companies the opportunity to deepen customer engagement with their brand. You can create showrooms, experiences, let customers test products out all through the medium of VR. A VR Sales and Marketing push can bring your brand to life, and give your customers impactful exciting and brilliant experiences- and you know they’ll remember your brand. 

So in short, Virtual Sales resources provide the opportunities to deliver more sales, more engagement and more good days for your customers and your business. What’s not to love?

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