The Next Big Thing Recruiters Need To Know

It goes without saying – the approach to staff recruitment is changing. In a big way. Thanks to the continuing absence of face-to-face contact and remote working set ups, companies have begun revolutionising the way they recruit staff. Collectively, recruiters are changing the landscape.

Rather than inviting potential employees to the offices to walk around, see teams in action and complete interviews in a boardroom, applicants are now being offered virtual experiences to guide them through the recruitment process.

Instead of a physical walk around they can use VR and Virtual Tours to virtually stroll through headquarters. Rather than observing and speaking with teams they can now hear from teams through pre-recorded videos, finishing their recruitment day with an interview over video conferencing platforms (with the panel dotted around the country).

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Take a look at our recent examples, each tailored to the brand and their objectives.

Realistic Job Previews (RJP)

As the use of virtual tools for staff recruitment has seen a sharp increase, so too has the demand for Realistic Job Previews (RJP).

For many of you, the term Realistic Job Previews (RJP) will be all too familiar. Whether in the form of a PDF, a slideshow, a web-page or a video, by now you have already created assets to increase a realistic understanding of what the job will entail. An initiative to help prevent employees leaving their position once they learn the truth about what their job will really be like. Once used primarily for low-skilled jobs, this format is now being adopted across all sectors. It’s ideal for saving time and budget, and for encouraging higher staff retention.

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How Virtual Experiences Can Help

Virtual Experiences can provide innovative tools that not only impress potential employees, increase higher quality applicants and raise brand awareness, they can also help demonstrate the job role within a realistic context. Allowing on-lookers to virtually walk around, hear from real employees, find out the ins and outs of their daily schedule and to get a feel for the office or factory space they will be joining.

In short, Virtual Experiences will offer an honest and transparent recruitment tool to inform applicants that brands and recruiters can be proud of.

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Next Steps

This scalable approach to recruitment is not only innovative and current, but has positive impacts on applicants, staff, brand image and ROI. And there’s still many ways even these new innovative virtual experiences can be developed further.

How about a virtual work experience day? What about a full ‘day in the life of’ 360 video? Virtual group sessions? Short tests as they look around the offices to ensure they’re knowledge is reflective of your standards? Sessions to ask questions during a live open day? Demonstrating career paths connected with the position they are applying for through virtual portals? Depending on your sector, why not create the virtual recruitment experience in a game format? Or by using virtual tools, transport applicants around the world to ‘speak’ with stakeholders connected with their position?

Virtual Experiences have opened the door for creativity. Recruiters can explore and develop recruitment resources as far as their brands (and budgets) will allow. Allowing space to showcase brand values and achievements, whilst recruiting the very best staff.

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