PwC using VR to support post-COVID remote working

What does working-life look like for you? Have your organisations incorporated virtual tools within your day to day? Have they started making plans post-Covid?

After the latest announcement surrounding changes to lockdown restrictions there has been a buzz around workplaces; what they will look like and how organisations will adapt to the new demands of employees. Demands specifically looking at hybrid-working. Where you work some days at home, and others in the office.

How will organisations manage staff productivity and wellbeing, how will they diversify their teams, increase inclusion and tackle current issues of loneliness?

Here’s one company facing these challenges head on.


With over 24,000 staff and 913 partners, it’s imperative for organisations like PwC to manage the changing work demands in a way that is efficient and effective for both staff and the employer. Thankfully for PwC, they’ve been gearing towards this futurist working model for quite some time.

Back in 2017, PwC first piloted VR headsets within their UK offices. They were warmly received by teams and slowly became integrated within their work. At PwC they had realised that working was about more than just sitting at a computer. That ‘experiences’ could enhance staff engagement, productivity, learning and enjoyment. And that virtual tools could play a large part in that.

When the pandemic began, PwC had over 22,000 staff working from home so they needed to increase their virtual and digital efforts to ensure everyone was accommodated for. They sent hundreds of VR headsets to staff and began running weekly meetings via VR sessions. They then spent £75m over the next 18 months, redesigning office spaces with cafe-like meeting areas and new technology for staff to use, including video screens and microphones; keen to ensure no one was, or will be, disadvantaged when working from home.

Photograph credit Philip Vile Pwc

Read the full report from The Guardian here and see other examples of organisations making a change.

Now is the time for organisations to think virtual first. To use virtual tools such as virtual tours, virtual training, virtual sales tools and virtual recruitment for everyone’s advantage.

Find out more about the work we conducted for PwC in recent years, looking at creating a virtual tool for their Frontier Lab. Click here.

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