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Virtual Public Information Roadshow

Flooding can devastate lives, but there are ways to protect homes and property. Funded by DEFRA, the Oxford-Cambridge Pathfinder project constructed the Floodmobile. A converted flat-bed truck, mocked up like the inside of a residential home, and kitted out with the latest flood protection products.

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This truck is able to visit towns and cities which are particularly at-risk from flooding, providing impartial advice to residents about simple measures they can take to protect themselves.

But the truck can only be in one place at a time. So to amplify its value and audience, we created a virtual twin which anyone can explore 24/7 from the comfort of their own home.

Visitors can navigate around high-resolution 360 scenes inside the Floodmobile, interacting with animated hotspots which highlight each of the products on-show. Clicking on a hotspot triggers a zooming animation and provides brief information along with a bronze/silver/gold rating mark. In some cases, the scene reacts to show drawers and doors opening and closing, giving users a clearer view of its workings.

Floodmobile public display virtual reality
floodmobile virtual experience

An innovative piece – never seen before

An ingenious idea! Very impressive!

Rebecca Pow MP - Minister at DEFRA