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Virtual Tool for Tourism

National institution, English Heritage, has a mandate to make history accessible to all. But not everyone is local enough or physically able to get around the historic sites. One of their more popular destinations, Goodrich Castle, was in need of a solution for their visitors centre, which could also work on the website.

Goodrich castle english heritage virtual tour

Partnering with English Heritage we created a virtual tool for tourism. We shot a set of high resolution 360 degree photos around the site, and used them to build a 360 experience, complete with tour-guide-style interactive hotspots. The whole experience was then installed in a kiosk for all visitors – disabled or not – to explore and learn.

Goodrich castle english heritage virtual tour
Goodrich Castle English Heritage Virtual Tour

“Working with the team was easy and straightforward. Their photography was fantastic and they provided a great service throughout the project.”

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