Virtual Tours & Virtual Open Days in the Education sector: What’s The Difference?

Virtual Tours and Virtual Open Days within the education sector are becoming increasingly popular and in high demand, particularly in light of Lockdown 2.0, so we thought this would be a great time to explain what they are, why they’re different and which will be most helpful for you.

We recognise that for some, the virtual world that has been thrust upon you can be somewhat challenging and occasionally confusing, so we hope this overview helps cover the basics and gives you the necessary information when planning your next student recruitment season.  

So what are the differences? What do you need to know?

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours are available 24/7, around the world, to any audience at any time. They can be hosted on your website and students can browse at their leisure.  This is particularly ideal for overseas students, or any household that are unable to join a Virtual Open Day at a specific time or date. 

Virtual Tours offer an immersive experience. They replicate the real experience of being there in person in real time through visual aids and informative content, whether text, clickable actions, photos or video.

Within education, for some, Virtual Tours can be used as an informative piece for their website, to demonstrate facilities and core values whilst highlighting digital innovation. While for others, Virtual Tours are used in conjunction with a Virtual Open Day to amplify the experience, used as a piece to provide further context to the virtual discussions. Whatever your reason, and however you’d like the information displayed, we can tailor your tour to your needs. 

Virtual Tours are most likely to create online engagement as the resource is something students and parents can share across email and social media. Virtual Tours of schools, colleges and universities are also becoming highly searched terms and have become firm favourites for those looking around. 

Virtual Open Days

Virtual Open Days are effective ways to engage with students and parents/guardians during an allocated time slot on a specific day(s).  They are often hosted in the form of a webinar and zoom meetings where students can hear from teachers and current students.

All of our Virtual Open Day materials are pre-recorded. We find this has the greatest impact on viewers and provides longer term assets for the institution, it also reduces time spent and staff resources. We highly recommend this approach rather than Live Virtual Open Days which are subject to technical faults, weather interference and human errors. 

To further enhance the Virtual Open Day experience, a school may decide to include a Virtual Tour as part of the student and parents’ experience. The Virtual Tour, which will be filmed in advance, can be screen-shared with audiences during the Virtual Open Day experience. This approach can provide onlookers with more ways to explore the facilities and accommodation, encouraging further engagement, interaction and applications.

So next time you consider a virtual service for your students, take a look through these options. They might just help.

But when the time comes, if you’re still unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will gladly talk you through all options until you’re confident about the virtual service you need. 

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