NEWS: How Virtual Reality (VR) is Transforming Teaching and Learning

In recent years Virtual Reality has often been discussed as a tool to transform learning experiences. To improve teaching methods and connect materials with audiences in ways that revolutionises their thinking and educational outcomes. It’s no shock, therefore, to find VR learning, teaching and training at the front of headlines. The Independent highlighted 3 ways how virtual reality impacts educational teachings.

They suggest:

  1. VR makes education for everyone about everything, that there are no limits to what you can learn or be a part of.
  2. It allows people to explore the unexplorable, to break down barriers and offer new freedoms to those who were once unable to take part.
  3. That wearing a VR headset encourages a deeper sense of empathy and care, once you’ve ‘walked in someone else’s shoes’ or seen what life is like for animal and creatures you’re more likely to take note.

Read the full article here.

Whether using a virtual tour to educate a user on the location, or a virtual training tool to teach a class about a place of interest (take a look at our interactive learning tool for the Houses of Parliament), we can agree that VR (virtual reality) will soon reshape learning for good.

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