Have you ever considered science virtual tours for the kids?

School is still out for most of us. We’re waiting with baited breath to know when our terrors will go back to menacing those amazing saints (previously known as ‘teachers’), rather than us mere mortal parents, who are doing our best to ‘home-educate’.

It has been almost a year now that aspects of school life have been put on hold. This includes school trips. However, this is where we can woop and high-five the virtual world. From the warmth of our living rooms (I mean, who’d want to venture outside to fight the Beast from the East anyway?), we can still discover incredible museums, zoos and castles. Even better: we can explore the best the whole world has to offer. Not just those attractions that are within a tolerable school bus ride away. 

AND what’s more: we get to experience these world-class places in a completely new and exciting way.

The Virtual World

The virtual world is offering children unprecedented, immersive and exciting ways to learn about history, nature, art and culture from across the globe. From peeking into secret rooms in the Houses of Parliament which are ordinarily out-of-bounds, checking out the backstage of the Royal Opera House, to getting up close and personal to a blue whale.

Study International has pulled together a list of the top 5 science virtual tours to Mars, the Smithsonian and more – all free

We’ve taken a couple of them and added a sprinkling of our own favs to give you, we believe, the best list of all! 

Happy exploring…

1. Access Mars

Have you ever dreamed of exploring Mars? This VR experience allows you to do just that. It is made with real data from Nasa’s Curiosity Mars Rover and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. And talk about perfect timing. With a fleet of spacecraft from UAE, China and the USA due to reach Mars this month, this web-based virtual reality experiment is perfect preparation for those excited by what’s found beyond planet Earth’s ozone layer.

2. Solar System Scope

If Access Mars doesn’t, Solar System Scope virtual tour is guaranteed to awaken the inner astronaut in you. It comprises an extremely accurate solar system tour which allows you to discover the night sky and outer space in real-time. Read all the interesting facts about the many objects in space. Zoom into each of the planets. Become Buzz Lightyear. 

3. Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, Washington DC.

This museum has an awe-inspiring 146 million objects. Surely enough for those who love factoids on animals, fungi, and plants. From narrated tours to exhibits — past, current, and permanent — the Smithsonian allows visitors to take self-guided, room-by-room tours of selected exhibitions and areas from their mobiles or desktops. You can also access select collections and research areas at their satellite support and research stations.

4. The Natural History Museum, London.  

Here, you can simply take a trip through this incredible museum with their virtual tour. Alternatively take their virtual venture into the life of the blue whale while exploring the deep oceans; or flick through the awe-inspiring, and often comical photos from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition. We love this place.

5. The British Museum, London.

Explore the museum through its virtual tour. Alternatively, browse the totally impressive Museum of the World online tour. One of the Circus Team’s all time favs, this is where you’re presented with mind-blowing large selections from the museum. You can search through the exhibits by date, continent and category (including art and design, trade and conflict). It offers a truly fascinating backstory to each piece; each one comes with accompanying audio.

We hope this helps to keep your kids informed, entertained, and most important of all – happy – during these Christmas holidays!

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