NEWS: The use of Virtual Reality (VR) in Police Training

Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming a wide-spread resource for many users around the world.

Gone are the days it was for gaming fanatics or those passionate about tech. Now it’s being used by the masses and is transforming our everyday lives. From education to tourism, corporate clients to public service training.

In recent months the BBC have reported on one particular case study. The use of VR as a training technique for the Derbyshire Police.

The Derbyshire Police had found that practise taser guns were expensive and unsustainable for long term training programmes. They also noticed that training rooms just couldn’t provide the ‘real life’ situation example they were looking for. The previous set up, with someone in a big blue suit just wasn’t convincing enough. So they came up with a solution – to invest in Virtual Reality.

Through VR headsets the police unit were able to ‘experience’ real life scenarios – whether being in an alleyway or on the rooftop – and could use virtual tasers as many times as required. The training tool also allowed for voices to be included and to be fed through headphones so police officers felt they were dealing with ‘real’ people. They also installed sensor mats which helped guide them around the virtual world. 


Officers using the virtual training programme have stressed how effective the training is, how it helps to forget about anyone else in the training room and encourages them to focus on the task at hand.

There is also belief that these types of training can help build trust between the police and the general public, particularly when looking at police deployment. This particular VR technology is able to add real life pressure when it comes to firing a taser, record levels of empathy from officers during the process and hold officers to account on their decisions to fire a ‘weapon’.

Although there are still debates surrounding the effectiveness of virtual training, one thing is clear. There is a need for VR technologies to at least support current training methods. As in cases like the Derbyshire Police, it’s making a big difference and it adding depth that regular training cannot provide. 

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