The Lockdown Virtual Tour: Created by Lead Photographer, Tom

When lockdown began in March 2020, Tom, lead photographer and 360 extraordinaire saw an opportunity. To create a new type of virtual tour. Using striking 360 panoramic images of London’s best loved places he created a bespoke virtual tour with a simple and effective design. Everything was crafted with precision, and in his spare time.

Take a look at the end result.

We asked Tom a few questions about his Lockdown Virtual Tour. Here’s what he had to say: 

How did this project come about?

‘I built this tour as an experimental piece during lockdown. I really enjoy playing around with different designs and trying new layouts when I have a free day or two. Lockdown felt like the right time.’

What was your overall aim? 

‘With this particular project I set out to make a thumbnail menu system that works for both a desktop and mobile device, without compromising the user experience on either. I was essentially looking to further develop a skill set that will essentially make designs and virtual tours a better looking and working user experience. I feel strongly about the designs used for 360 tours and enjoy coming up with new ideas and styles for the UI and menus, because I know that this sets us apart from the competition.’

How did you capture those striking evening shots?

‘The night time shots were captured in panoramic format. Paying close attention to chromatic aberration, lens flares, and ghosting, because of the high contrast and artificial lighting. London is a cool place to take photos at night so it was a lot of fun to do.’ 

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