Sir David Attenborough leading a new 5G AR app

Last week it was announced that Sir David Attenborough would be the leading face of a brand new app funded by the UK government. Focused on promoting the environment through augmented reality (AR).

The app would allow users to explore nature in the UK – particularly exotic plants and animals, whilst hearing from Sir David Attenborough himself as if you were stood next to him. The holographic video would help users to learn about key locations around the country and the wildlife in those areas.

What is AR?

Augmented reality (AR) is a new level of technology that superimposes objects into the world around us. It helps to give a sense that you are seeing things first hand. Helping you to build great connection with what you’re looking at.

You can often see this technology with furniture stores. Rather than just researching images of a sofa, you can now ‘superimpose’ it into your living room through your phone. Which in turn can help give a greater sense of how it will work in the space, and whether perhaps you need a different colour.

What is this project looking to achieve?

According to a report from the BBC, the app is part of a government funded initiative, looking at promoting the use of 5G within the UK.

Minister for Digital Infrastructure, Matt Warman commented it will help prove “how new technology can reconnect us with the natural world whilst demonstrating the power of 5G to a huge new audience”.

The app itself will launch in 2022 in conjunction with The Green Planet – a new 5-part documentary from Sir David Attenborough and his team.

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