NEW VIRTUAL TOURS for Education Promoters in 2022

As we start this year we wanted to share some BRAND NEW virtual ideas we’re working on. New types of Virtual Tours that are looking to be HOT TOPIC this year for those promoting an educational institution – some things you might like to try out too.

These suggestions are not just a selection of ‘virtual tours’ – rather these are the NEXT GENERATION of virtual tours. Smashing traditional virtual tours out the park…across the water…and to another country.

1. Benenden School – Live Action 360 Virtual Tour

First up is Benenden School, based in Kent. Here we’ve recently been filming a live-action virtual tour, made up of 360 video scenes. Combining action with interaction. This technological capability is something rarely seen in virtual tours. Adding 360 video brings life and atmosphere to the tour, allowing watching students and parents to engage with actual school life. To take part in activities ranging from campfire sessions to lessons in sport. Viewers will be able to watch conversations happen as if in the room themselves and be presented with a true likeness of the school’s daily routine.

2. University of St Andrews – An Interactive Virtual Experience

Unlike most university virtual tours that only showcase buildings and classrooms, we’re currently filming a virtual tool using immersive imagery that will convey the beauty and history of St Andrews University and City too. This approach looks to focus on wider areas that would impact students’ well-being during their studies and to offer reassurance and confidence in their surroundings.

3. Staffordshire University – Custom Virtual Open Day

We’ve recently created a complete virtual open day platform where internal teams can create, add and manage their own content, so that it’s always up-to-date. It includes a virtual guide and uses high-end 360 photography. In the next phase we are adding 360 video and drone filming to enrich the visual impact, and the whole build is fully compliant with WCAG2.1 accessibility requirements. This complex arrangement is one of the first of its kind!

All of these projects are yet to be completed – but we hope to share their end result in the coming months. Keep an eye on our work page for all details on latest projects.

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