Metaverse-Ready Content and How We Can Help

By now you will be all too familiar with the term metaverse. A new version of the internet that will bring people together to work, play and socialise. And if you’re here right now, it probably means your keen to explore this further? Perhaps asking yourself who can create branded metaverse content and where to get started?

So let’s get to it. We can help!

We create virtual experiences for brands that can be used in real-world and future metaverse spaces, and we also provide some training on it too.

How will our virtual experiences fit into the metaverse?

We envisage the metaverse-world being one of 3D animations, AR/VR options and personalised avatars. Where digital items are physically owned (NFTs) and payments are made through digital transactions (Defi, Cryptocurrency). We foresee the virtual experiences we create being used in one of two ways:

  1. Uploaded INTO the metaverse: Where a regular virtual experience is uploaded into the computer generated space. For example, picture your team’s avatars ‘sitting’ around a table looking at a ‘big screen’. On that screen could be a virtual product demonstration or virtual exhibition. Something that connects with the physical object for sale in the real world, but communicated through virtual reality. Or Imagine a metaverse room filled with parents and student avatars, keen to learn more about a university before they visit. They could hear from guest avatar speakers and would then have the option to look around a virtual tour whilst in the metaverse. But that virtual tour would still include video and photography from real life environments.
  2. A metaverse ONLY experience: These virtual experiences with be entire simulations in 3D where no real-life connection is required. These will be a lot more sophisticated and coded by our in-house specialists. And they don’t really exist yet. not for business use. But they will be here soon enough – we’ll let you know when they arrive on the scene.

Our Metaverse-ready case studies

Whilst we wait for the metaverse(s) to be created we’ve already begun working on 3D worlds with capabilities that will slot right in to the new Web3 world. Take a look at our most recent project here.

3d metaverse world
Virtual Metaverse 3D

So what now?

Speak with our award-winning (and super friendly!) team, we’re up to speed on the latest technology and capabilities in virtual reality and metaverse. We can help guide you through this new process and help keep your brand ahead of the game.

Thinking of us for your next project?

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