Why are local attractions rushing to have a virtual tour?

Why are local attractions rushing to have a virtual tour?

Historically local attractions had a few photos up on their website.  Often as in the case of our client, Boost Trampoline Parks, these were taken by visitors and were more of the guests than the attraction itself. Other attractions have a video which can last a few minutes or alternatively have 20 professional photos which was laborious to trail through to see the things that interested them most.
More often than not one of the things that interests parents most is the canteen and coffee shops.  As technology has advanced so has consumer patience, they often don’t want to watch a 3 minute video which may or may not show the aspects of the attraction that they wish to see. They scroll through photos until they get bored.  Here is where virtual tours come in as consumers love being in control or feeling in control of what they see.
So, everyone from local trampoline parks to go-karting places, to escape rooms and to zoos are rushing to book a virtual tour.  Here is an example of one we did for the Icebar in London.
This enables people sitting at their laptops or phones to have a preview of the attraction before they visit.  Our research has shown that parents may wish to see if the cafe is close enough to say the trampolines so they can watch their kids whilst they relax or that the attraction is capable of being age appropriate for various ages and sexes depending on their children and that no child will be bored.  Other parents, who may consider booking it for parties, will want to have a look at the party room before they book and see its proximity to the main attraction.

“It looks fantastic!” – Boost Trampoline Parks

For the attraction’s owner, the virtual tour has many benefits.  Firstly, Google research has shown that an attraction’s catchment area more than doubles when it has a virtual tour. What does that actually mean?  Well, imagine everyone within a 30 minute drive has visited or is aware of a certain trampoline park, but an hour away’s radius where they have their own trampoline park or quasar they want to know why they should travel an extra say 30 minutes out of their way, kids in tow, to a different trampoline park.  This is how the virtual tour comes to play, it effectively encourages teens and kids to abandon Playstations, Xboxes and phones and try another attraction.  It can be a successful tool used by the parents to convince their kids to come along and try something new.

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Secondly, a virtual tour on google increases a company’s ratings in two ways, firstly it is more transparent and secondly, it diverts traffic to your website which results in longer dwelling times, which has the added benefit of increasing your rating.  Local attractions have seen this is an invaluable marketing tool in the face of increasing competition.  Long gone are the days where only leaflets put in hotels and local supermarkets were enough.  The digital age has meant that consumers are doing more of their research online either on the laptop or phone, 90% of them are using Google as their main search engine.  So it makes sense to optimise their Google SEO and for the starting price of £450, as a one-off cost for an asset that you can utilise until you redecorate, it is certainly one of the most affordable ways of marketing.
Common questions asked are, if we can photograph in dark attractions such as nightclubs, quasar or the escape rooms.  The answer is yes and we do! In fact as you can see in the above example of the Icebar it actually brings the Icebar to life.
So you have the website and you want a tour what do you do next?  You send us an email to call you to discuss pricing and what it involves and you bring your attraction into the digital age as a force to be reckoned with against the competition in that all important war, the Google rankings!
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