Climate Change: COP26, Virtual and Planting Trees

With the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference in full swing, we wanted to seize the opportunity to discuss why it’s important and what we’re doing at Circus to play our part. 

Back in 2015, the Paris Agreement was created and this was monumental. World leaders agreed to work together to limit global warming to below 2 degrees, and aim for 1.5 degrees. The commitment to aim for 1.5 degrees is important because every fraction of a degree of warming will result in the loss of many more lives lost and livelihoods damaged. Each country committed to bringing forward national plans that focused on how they could lower their emissions. 

So where did that get to? Why is this COP26 conference so important? 

Well, the commitments laid out 6 years ago in Paris have not even come close to limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees. Things have gotten so bad we now need to make some serious changes to tackle this urgent problem and we’re at a stage where we’re really hoping leaders will bring about a resolution. Or at least something in the right direction. 

When talking about a problem as large as climate change, with a global impact, it can be easy to feel helpless. Does recycling really help, are plastic straws really the biggest problem here? What about those countries who are kicking out tonnes of pollution every five minutes? Can we really win the fight against this mammoth problem?

At CIRCUS we believe we can. And organisations are a big part of that conversation. 

Here are 5 ways we’re playing our part in the race against climate change. 

  1. We have reduced our staff’s use of transport dramatically by working from a virtual office, rather than a physical office space. This means we still get the perks of working together, but with less of a carbon footprint. No longer hourly commutes on trains, stuck in traffic on motorways. You wouldn’t believe the difference that makes to air quality! 
  2. We also host virtual team meetings. Given the nature of our business, that probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise! Using VR headsets, our team engage and communicate through creative spaces that encourage unity, breakdown barriers and adds a little fun to the day. It’s fair to say we love it. 
  3. We work all over the world, covering a range of countries including India, Hong Kong, Russia, Egypt and Scotland. With this type of distance you might expect us to be clocking up our air miles, but we’re excited to say we’ve found a way around it! As you will know, long haul flights are a major issue when it comes to carbon emissions and this is something we’re very conscious of. Aviation is responsible for an increasing proportion of greenhouse gas, and rather than putting our teams on flights to destinations all over the world, we’ve come up with a different solution. We tackle this problem by using local experts. Experts that have the skill set required to deliver the high standards we uphold. No long haul- or indeed any, flights required! 
  4. We have also started our own environmental initiative. In recent months we’ve partnered with Ecologi, an environmental organisation who plant trees & fund the world’s best climate crisis solutions. Through them we now plant trees for our team members and for every new client that walks through our door. We’ve already planted 58 trees and reduced carbon by 3.53 tonnes. That’s equivalent to 3 long haul flights, 11 metres of saved sea ice and 8758 miles in a car. By funding these trees, we are also providing work for local families, and wildlife habitats are being preserved and restored. We’re continually blown away how something so simple can have such a lasting impact! It’s also fun to know that any new client to join us will literally impact lives from the start and be off-setting emissions as their project progresses. How amazing is that?! 
  5. We’re also quite an eco-friendly team, just in our own day to day lives. Whether in our head office or on a video shoot, our team are all conscious about our environmental impact, even as we sip our coffees during our virtual meetings. We care, alot, and we will always strive to make changes where we can. We have a healthy and realistic approach that instills real change from the inside out. 

Is your organisation looking to make some next steps towards positive climate action? If we can offer some ideas, we’d highly recommend the virtual and/or tree painting route. 

Taking your business virtual and planting a few extra trees can seriously have a positive impact on climate change. Going virtual reduces the amount of pollution from transportation, there’s less litter, and less disruption to local wildlife, while planting trees reduces the carbon emissions made by those normal day to day requirements. During the first lockdown, the lack of traffic very quickly made a huge difference to our environment: smog lifted, animals were seen reclaiming their space even in urban areas, and birdsong was louder than traffic. If more of us could do more virtually and take part in wider initiatives like Ecologi we could take some serious pressure off our planet. 

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