Beating the Pandemic: Our Virtual Brand Experiences and Our Dedicated Team

When news of lockdown and the global pandemic broke in Spring, we have to admit, we were concerned. In addition to global health, we knew it would have a devastating impact on businesses and our wider economy, and we weren’t sure what could be done about it.  We soon learnt however, that our innovative technology and virtual brand experiences could hold the answer to business problems and offer sophisticated solutions. 

We realised we could revitalise company health by doing what we love best. So we got to work.

Since March, and into lockdown 2.0, we have worked alongside many organisations, in line with coronavirus measures, and have produced resources that are now reshaping their businesses models, sales techniques and staff engagement. Virtual Tours of schools, Virtual Selling Tools and Virtual Training to name a few. We’ve even started creating COVID-19 Safety Videos to encourage customers about the measures in place at local venues.

You’ll find all our latest projects on our website, or mentioned on our social media channels.

In addition to customer projects our award-winning team have also used this time to develop their creativity and skills. Testing out new service ideas to help evolve techniques and project concepts. Take Lead Photographer, Tom. When the streets of London lay still Tom was exploring lighting techniques and testing a new virtual tour framework. Take a look. Not only was this a project he enjoyed but he knew it would be something that could later help other businesses. 

No matter how difficult the pandemic has become this year, our team remains passionate about helping businesses through this time. And your organisation is no exception. We believe our virtual brand experiences can help you maintain a competitive edge and bring brands back to life. 

Contact us on 020 3764 2794 and let us demonstrate how our virtual brand experiences can revolutionise your organisation during this time. 

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