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More than ever, the capabilities of the digital landscape to emulate and expand on physical reality has everyone — especially business owners — pushing to see just how far technology can evolve the consumer experience. We’ve come to a point where virtual engagement can either replace or enrich in-person interactions, so what does this mean for education, entertainment, and business development?

We at CIRCUS boast an arsenal of 360 visualisation tools and VR techniques that transform how your customers get acquainted with your brand. Moreover, we use these tools to help you better demonstrate your value proposition in a way that is engaging, immersive, and memorable. 

Each virtual tool is built using a range of highly specialised technical capabilities and techniques. Including the likes of high-end 360 photography, cinematic 360 video, interactive 3D animation, dramatic aerial and drone, custom web design, immersive Virtual Reality, 3D Matterport tours, custom video production and essential Google Streetview. 

Though it cannot wholly replace actual physical experiences, VR comes very, very close. Our team has created virtual sales tools, virtual tours, virtual training, and virtual recruitment processes that prove convenient especially in an age of purposeful social distancing. These products also lean into a business’s globalisation agenda as it eliminates the need for their audiences to visit their actual stores or offices. 

5-star Reviews

We’re proud to say that CIRCUS has an established reputation in the education, hospitality, retail, tourism, and commerce industries. We’re even prouder to announce that we’ve recently received another five-star rating on the B2B reviews site, Clutch!

For this project, we helped a PR agency with a disease awareness campaign. They provided us with imagery, stories, and resources that we turned into a custom made virtual exhibition for their client. The goal was to move away from the traditional slideshow or flat video presentation and command the attention of participants. 

From the start of this project, our partnership went from strength to strength. The agency easily found us online, and great examples of similar work positioned us above the competition. After an initial phone call they felt confident that we understood the brief and had the expertise to bring the experience to life. Throughout the process they appreciated our speed, professionalism, ideas, creativity and honesty. And the project has resulted in one very happy client. 

Adopting our bespoke Carousel methodology, and adapting it to the client’s vision was the key to our success. Our team absorbed the materials, brief, and stakeholder suggestions to align our output with the goal. We paid close attention to the detail and made sure every part of the build was aligned and on-brand. Our team is made up of highly skilled, award winning experts, and we pride ourselves on delivering market-leading quality. 

“They are really professional in terms of their correspondence with us and presentations to our clients. They really understood our brief, as the design space they developed was spot on.

— Senior Account Executive, Porter Novelli

The PR agency have since highlighted their client’s delight with the virtual experience and have gone on to award us five stars for scheduling, cost and quality, confirming they were willing to refer us to others in future. 

More than anything, and above all else, our team loved creating this project. We enjoyed working with the agency and their client, we loved providing the very best service with the highest quality features, creating an outstanding virtual experience for a fantastic cause. 

Where else have we been progressing?

Beyond our growing track record on Clutch, CIRCUS has also made it among the top 100 AR/VR creators on Top Design Firms, a company directory site for B2B providers. We, of course, attribute a large part of this accomplishment to our loyal clients with whom we enjoy collaborating to push the boundaries of innovation and test our skills!

We have also been awarded Best Video Production Company 2021, London by SME News Business Elite Award 2021. And across the year have seen a rise in enquiries from large brands and agencies, working with more and more marketing and HR departments. 

We are continually amazed (whilst equally not surprised) by the progression of this current virtual revolution, and just how much technology is advancing. The Metaverse is upon us people.  

Have you jumped on the Virtual band wagon yet? Join us!

Got a 360, VR or immersive project in mind? Talk to us and discover how our virtual experiences can transform your business. 

You can also take a look at our extensive portfolio of Virtual Experiences case studies to get a flavour of the types of tools we can create. The beauty of virtual reality is there really are no limits so if you have an idea and it hasn’t yet been tried – contact us, let’s make it happen. 

Who are we?

We’re CIRCUS, a London-based virtual reality company, made up of highly experienced creatives, providing best-in-class Virtual Experiences for brands. We use immersive imagery and 360 techniques to create engaging and interactive environments. Our clients range from Red Bull, Google and Spotify to Barclays, Goldman Sachs and the Houses of Parliament. You can find out more about us and our work here if you’re keen to know more.

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