3D & The Metaverse: Immersive Experience for a Global Agro-Chemical Brand

We’ve recently created an innovative virtual expo for a global agro-chemical brand which pushes the boundaries of what 3D models, video conferencing and web browsers can do. We built a fantasy exhibition centre from the ground up, which can be explored and shared by hundreds of users simultaneously, joining hosted tours with live presenters, break-out networking rooms or self-serving individually.

The project can be adapted to both real-world VR and metaverse level virtual experiences. 3D models like this are bridging gaps between real-world, virtual reality and the metaverse – and are a great deal of fun.

Have your clients considered an idea like this for their next project? Early adopters are getting their brands ahead in the game by investing in these types of experiences – and they’re so glad they did.

Did you know, getting recognised as the “first” to accomplish something creates a long-term halo effect, where people are more likely to judge your brand favourably in the future? Why not be the first at something like this? Lead the way – for both customers and competitors.

The result?

Thanks to this custom built 3D Virtual Experience our client is now able to launch products to their global audience more widely than ever before, offering each group a personal experience tailored to their interest and in their own language. What’s more, it can gather feedback from visitors to inform new product development, host conversations and gather detailed analytics.

How amazing is that?

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