Hong Kong launch!

Here at Circus we are proud to announce our expansion to Hong Kong! We have worked in various locations across the globe but not yet in the fabulous HK. 

Here’s a sneak preview of our first major shoot, at the fantastic Bounce Inc complex. Providing a detailed tour for visitors to view before arriving. We found this type of media gave customers confidence when booking and provided the complex with a marketing asset they were proud to share far and wide. It allowed future customers the opportunity to assess the Bounce park’s offerings, for individuals, group and parties, and to learn more before travelling to the facility. 

In today’s modern society, in light of the recent pandemic, virtual brand experiences like these have never been more important. Customers who are unable to travel need new ways to explore options available to them. And when health and safety is paramount, what better way to demonstrate measures in place than through a virtual demonstration?  

Do you have a business in Hong Kong that could benefit from 360 photography and videography, that could thrive with a virtual tour? To find out what we could do for your HK-based business, contact us on [email protected].

Or contact us today for more information about our virtual services or view our work for inspiration.

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