Latest Blog: Virtual Ideas for Schools

The education system has faced tough challenges over the last year. Schools suddenly found themselves running digital classrooms, as well as having to find ways to support both children and parents through the challenge of home-schooling. Are there positive elements from the last year that schools can take and expand upon? 

We think so. Let’s take going digital one step further into the future and think about some Virtual possibilities for schools. How about bringing your open evening online? Virtual tools can help potential students and parents explore your school via an interactive map. At each location in a virtual open day, users can immerse themselves in a 360 photo or video scene, then learning more by reading text content or viewing embedded videos. It’s a perfect opportunity to show off your school, whilst eliminating potential crowds and removing distress from those who may be feeling anxious about social contact in the wake of the lockdown. Virtual open days provide all of the perks of a physical open day with none of the pressure. 

We’ve created online tools in order to give audience groups the chance to explore campuses 24/7 from anywhere in the world.  We use high quality immersive imagery and custom brand styling. We create virtual open days which showcase the best facilities as interactive 360 photos, layered with animated and accessible information hotspots, plus links to more information and calls-to-action.

Virtual tools can also be used to meet the concerns of prospective students. How? Maybe a VR showcase of how students are supported at your school, or an immersive video experience of what ex-students have gone on to achieve. Perhaps your school can demonstrate its commitment to supporting mental health conditions or it’s commitment to the environment, With virtual tools there are so many ways to engage and connect with your next intake.

Schools that can effectively demonstrate their commitment to these prospective students will be the talk of the town, for all the right reasons. Want to show your students that with you, they could have a really exciting future? Do it with a virtual experience. 

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