Lockdown 2.0 Update

In light of Lockdown 2.0 announcements made this weekend we wanted to offer some reassurance.

Our organisation can and will continue to offer virtual services across the country during this time.

Since March 2020 we have worked hard to ensure our team and clients remain safe during filming and edits, and have increased measures where necessary.

Shooting in 360 degrees means small crew sizes anyway. In most cases a single photographer with a portable backpack is all that’s required. All our crew are vigilant when it comes to distancing, handwashing and PPE, and are happy to abide by whatever other measures you may have in-place. 

Our head-office team, including business development, sales and marketing, also work remotely so they can continue to provide high-quality customer service through this pandemic.

We expect Lockdown 2.0 to cause yet another wave of demand for virtual services, so please be assured we are here and ready when you need us.

Whatever your requirements (virtual tours, virtual open days, virtual recruitment tools, virtual sales tools, virtual training resources or virtual tourism pieces) don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have a wealth expertise and can guide you through this time.

We can tailor any project to your needs and can adapt to any further measures you require.

Some have even recently been in touch to discuss COVID-19 Safety Video concepts. Take a look at our recent COVID-19 Safety Video for The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn. Keen to highlight ways in which they were prepared for guests, Lincoln’s Inn wanted to instil confidence in future customers, to demonstrate that they were ready, compliant and secure. This video is a fantastic example of doing just that.

Contact our award-winning team today if you have any questions or queries, our team will be more than happy to help.

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