Latest Blog: Newest Trends in Tech 2021

We love tapping into the latest trends in technology, and this week, we wanted to share our findings with you. So what’s up and coming in the world of tech now? What top trends should you be looking out for?

High Fidelity

Isn’t that a film about a record shop? Well it is, but not in this context! High Fidelity deals in spatial audio. They add immersive, high quality audio to any application. If you’re still feeling none the wiser, then think on this. Conventional audio that you get through any device (tv, phone, computer) is mono, which means you hear all sound from a single direction. Spatial audio delivers sound so that you hear sounds coming from different locations- exactly like you do in the real world. It means that each sound is clearer and easier for listeners to understand. It’s top quality immersive sound that means more than one person can speak at one time and be heard. Using spatial audio in combination with a mixed reality platform like Microsoft Mesh that enables you to collaborate effectively in physical and real life locations, is going to bring you so much closer to real life experience and the serendipitous meetings that can happen in the office environment in the real world. Imagine the application of this in virtual recruitment or training.

Virtual 25

Now this is an interesting cultural shift. In recent years, people have become more accustomed to spending money on things that aren’t ‘real’, like décor in a house design game. Now people are starting to get interested in spending money on digital goods. Fancy a pair of Gucci trainers for $17.99? Good news – they now exist! These Gucci trainers can only be worn in augmented or virtual worlds. Users can try them on and wear them on gaming platforms. These trainers are purchased through the Gucci app. Don’t believe us? Take a look at their virtual storeroom here.

Syng Cell Alpha

Now, a serious upgrade for those of us who were excited by ‘surround sound’ back in the 90’s!  Do you remember the 5 speaker set up involving electricians, speakers in every corner and under the sofa in the living room? Say hello to Syng Cell Alpha.  This is a 3 speaker set up that will make you feel surrounded by sound. It’s small but powerful, with Triphonic sound which uses immersive rendering to create a revolutionary sound that its creators say is indistinguishable from reality. Imagine taking part in a virtual tourism experience – underwater diving perhaps- with this quality of sound enhancing your experience. It would be amazing!

Unknown Realities

What do you get if you cross Sony 360’s Reality Audio and Unreal’s gaming engine? Unknown Realities. To promote their new 360 Reality Audio, they have launched Unknown Realities. It’s an immersive music performance series for artists who can see the potential of technology hand in hand with their unlimited creativity. Artists worldwide have the freedom to express themselves and perform in new and exciting ways. What does it mean for you the viewer? Well, music videos have become big budget productions and an event in their own right, but the sound has always remained just the music track. Here, the music video has turned into an experience distinct from the song. Watching Kojey Radical’s music video for the song ‘Good’, you are swept into an immersive music experience. It feels as though you are there in the middle of the music video. The sound becomes more visceral than sound. In this video, you can hear the crumbling and collapsing of the statues around you. Imagine attending a gig or an event with Unknown Realities. We think it would be pretty awesome! Want to hear it for yourself? Check it out here.

With so many possibilities, the mind boggles for the future and possibilities seem endless. Which future trends in tech has got you fired up? 

This piece has been inspired by the work of futurist, speaker and author Amelia Kallman. You can check her work out and details of more trends here.

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