Latest Blog: 5 (Virtual) predictions for the next 5 years

Here at CIRCUS, we love helping companies through our bespoke virtual brand experiences and we’re fully aware that in order to keep you at the top of your game, we have to stay at the top of ours! That means keeping abreast of latest developments and always being ahead of the curve. Being the first to call our future predictions.

With this in mind, we wanted to share these 5 trends which we expect to become important to every virtual journey.

1. Hybrid Solutions

The pandemic forced us into taking our lives online, for work, for exercise, for culture, for friendship. And it brought about a lot of benefits. Having discovered the advantages of the virtual world, your company may be reluctant to give them up completely. But we all recognise the importance of in person human contact and interaction. We believe that hybrid models will emerge to give companies the best of both worlds.

2. Changing Budget Spend

Communication, marketing, sales, recruitment and training departments will allocate resources for creating, maintaining and delivering virtual resources as a priority. No longer an after thought, budgets will be rewritten and structured around virtual solutions.

3. The Virtuous Circle

VR headset ownership is increasing rapidly, driving hardware innovation forward and prices down. That, coupled with strong growth of VR games and experiences for an expanding community of gamers, creates audiences large enough to attract the attention of advertisers. Which means more budget for content, which in turn attracts larger and more diverse audiences. VR will become a familiar and common way to consume visual content at home and at work.

4. Virtually Real

Virtual experiences will get even closer to real ones. Fibre-optic broadband and 5G mobile networks make it possible to deliver higher quality visual content to more users on more devices. Consumer-grade 360 cameras can already capture 8K resolution photos and video. For VR users, immersive environments increasingly come with stereoscopic depth perception, spatial audio sound and 6-degrees-of-freedom to move around. Have staff been trying to use VR headsets but struggling with internet speed, soon that will be a thing of the past and the likes of virtual meetings will become seamless.

5. Societal Dividend

Flexibility of location changes everything. Workers can be eligible for more jobs, students can access a greater variety of knowledge and families no longer need to huddle in expensive polluted cities. Virtual services will help to reduce carbon emissions and improve the environment by cutting the need for business travel and commuting, limiting the need for paper, and encouraging eco-friendly work spaces. Accessibility standards too are rightly becoming more prevalent, ensuring the maximum number of users can share in the technological advances. The UK Government recently introduced WCAG 2.1 guidelines for the public sector, and we expect awareness to spread to all sectors.

Being able to listen and respond to employee needs is a key player in staff satisfaction. Post pandemic, people will want to combine working from home with days in the office, and opting for a hybrid solution will achieve this. If you work in recruitment, events or tourism, you can provide hybrid solutions for your customers, with some work taking place in the virtual world, and some taking place in the physical world. Using virtual tools to improve accessibility, improve people’s quality of life, and the environment will have a positive impact on everyone’s morale. Allocating resources for creating, maintaining and delivering virtual resources will give staff and customers the best virtual experience possible. As fibre-optic broadband and 5G become more widespread, they will have a positive impact on virtually real experiences. Less interruption, better quality, more fluidity of experience. It’s getting truly exciting, we’re looking forward to these predictions becoming a reality.

How can your company ride the wave of the virtual revolution? No need to add this to the bottom of your to do list, simply get in touch with us! We create award-winning virtual brand experiences that use the latest 360 photography, 360 video and VR techniques to build immersive virtual tours and virtual open days, as well as interactive tools which drive sales, recruitment, training and tourism. We capture powerful visuals of your real-world brand experience which excite your customers and impact your business.

So there you have it. Those are our 5 predictions for the future. Can we help you to join the Virtual Revolution

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